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"Fabric. ation" Solo Exhibition





Silvia Zimerman, 2022

Material: Glass

Technique: Multiple Firings, Folding, Fusing, Pate de Verre

The artist's intention is to transport the observer to her world of fabric.
Following a long period of uncertainty, fear and anxiety the artist chose to imagine the protected, carefree haven of her childhood which contained soft, caressing fabrics that became in her father's skillful hands, a protective blanket, a warm coat, a spoiling poncho. Warm, happy childhood memories of fabric enfolded her in a secure, protected world of bright, calming colors.
Flashes of piles of fabric and thread arise in memories connected to her father being a tailor and his workshop El Taller, who passed away at a very young age. Imagining them created in glass, their softness and diverse textures a wave-like motion, thread through her childhood memories to keep her father and his workshop close by.



To visit the exhibition after the opening:

The exhibition will be shown at the "Hamazgaga" museum, Kibbutz Nachsholim.


Hours for visiting the exhibition:

Sunday-Thursday between 9:00 and 15:00

Friday - between 9:00 and 13:00

Saturday - by registering on the museum website.


The exhibition will be shown about six months after the opening!




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בדימ יון


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