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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and as I was deeply involved in a Zionist Youth movement it was only natural for me to come and live in Israel.


Ten years ago I chose to leave my 20-year career as an accountant and turn to the art of glass creation. Since then, I've experienced endless amazement and excitement from the possibilities involved in the study of the art of glass.


I've learned and acquired a wide range of techniques in Israel and abroad such as stained glass, mosaics, grisallas, kiln forming glass, kiln casting, and sand blasting. Each technique represents and emphasizes a different facet of the beauty and mystery of glass.


The play of light and color, the complexity of the material, and the challenge involved in creating something soft and caressing from a material as sharp and cold as glass has always enchanted me.


My inner world and the world surrounding me are expressed in my work. Yet, I find it important to let the glass speak for itself and display its powerful presence.


I create my work in my home-based studio in Caesarea. Through workshops and courses, I convey my love of glass to my students.


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