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Silvia Zimerman - Glass Art




Courses and workshops are limited to six participants, and take place in a pleasant atmosphere with personal instruction.


Stained glass, Tiffany, Mosaics:

Windows, lamps, mirrors, boxes, tables, and much more, combining traditional techniques.

Evening and morning on a monthly basis.


Glass fusing:

Entering the world of hot glass.

A five- session workshop of three-hours each.

During each encounter, the student is exposed to different applications of glass fusion techniques: hybridizing materials, imprints and textures, molds, slumping, sagging, dropping, and more.


This workshop combines theory and personal projects throughout each encounter.

(Learning and planning the kiln , compatibility of glasses, firing schedule , and more).

There is the possibility of joining a work group at the end of the course for further study.


Kiln glass casting:

A eight-encounter workshop of four-hour each.

The workshop entails working on projects at all stages: planning, model building, mold building (various techniques appropriate for cast glass), casting and melting until the final result of the glass sculpture.( Silicone, Gelflex, Alginate, Wax, Sand and more.



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